Cutter positioning:

Working in-line:

The material to be cut should be fed into the cutter from a similar operating height.

For flexible material, the caterpillar infeeder belts should be as close as possible to the inlet cutter guide bush.

For rigid materials a small gap is recommended, to allow the extrudate to flex on cut.

Working off-line:

It is not recommended that the material be pulled off the floor.

For very flexible extrusions which are easily stretched, it is strongly recommended that a relaxing loop of material is allowed to form before the cutter infeeder.  This will ensure that the extrudate is not stretched as it enters the infeeder belts.

It is also important to ensure that any pre-coiled material is allowed to un-twist before it goes into the cutter.  A un-wind table or stand should be used to remove any twist.

Please download an article on improving your cutting process here: Cutting Hints (PDF file).

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