Which type of knife blade should I use?

Remember: The most significant factor to successful cutting is a sharp knife!

Different products will require different knife blade thicknesses & shapes.

In the case of Kevlar® reinforced tube & hose special blades may be required.

Blade thickness:

As a general rule: the thinnest knife blade possible should be selected when cutting flexible materials such as flexible PVC, PU & certain rubbers. 

The more rigid the product, the greater the thickness of blade required.

The following thickness blades are available from the GILLARD factory:

  • 0.25 mm (0.010”)
  • 0.38 mm (0.015”)
  • 0.46 mm (0.018”)
  • 0.60 mm (0.024”)
  • 0.80 mm (0.031”)
  • 1.60 mm (0.062”)

Blade shape:

The blade shape also plays an important role. The choice is between a "chop" blade or a "slice" blade. We generally recommend a thin, straight "chop" blade for smaller flexible extrusions & a curved "slice" blade for larger flexible, semi-rigid & rigid materials.

Please also refer to our related FAQ by clicking here: http://www.gillardcutting.com/technical/faqs/cutting-action-chop-or-slice

We have around twenty types of custom curved slicing blades in stock, as well as straight "chop" blades. We can provide an immediate response to your requirements.

Blade material:

Our knife blades are available in a variety of materials, such as stainess spring steel, razor blade stainless steel, normal spring steel, tool steel & high-speed steel.

Stainless steel must be used for medical & food applications. It is also recommended when using the blade lubrication system.

Due to the high impact method of cutting used by the Servo-Torq® rotary cutter, very hard grades of steel, or ceramics, are not recommended. These materials tend to shatter on impact and, as such, are not good solutions.

Many of our spring steel curved blades can be re-sharpened & re-honed using low cost grinding methods. In this way, one blade can have a lifespan of many millions of cuts.

For infomation about blade re-sharpening please to the FAQ here: http://www.gillardcutting.com/technical/faqs/how-to-re-sharpen-blades


For more advice on knife blades please email our Technical Team at: tech@gillardcutting.com


If you need a spare blade, please email our Spare Parts department direct: spares@gillardcutting.com

Downloads (PDF):

> Extrusion cutter blade design datasheet.

> Curved blade datasheet.

> Blade holders datasheet.

> Cutting Hints (PDF file).