What is the password to access the set-up page on my touch-screen panel?

Most of the touch-screen versions of our Servo-Torq® cutting machine require a password and user name to access the Set-up screen or similar.

This is designed as a safety feature to prevent unauthorised changes to key machine parameters. 

The standard factory default password & username are:

  • Password: 2706
  • Username: admin

It is strongly recommended that this information be restricted to key technical & maintenance staff.

Note: some machine may only require a password to be entered. If this is the case, the above password remains the default entry.

This infomation covers all recent Servo-Torq® cutter models fitted with Siemens TP700, KTP400, TP177 and TP170, Lenze P300 & EL103 and Red Lion G304 & G307 screens.

If you find that the above password & username don't unlock your machine then please contact our Technical Team.

They will need to know the machine serial number (XXXX), model number & date of manufacture. This information should be clearly displayed on the machine serial number plate.

You can contact them by email: tech@gillardcutting.com