My DT40 screen is displaying "C<". What does this mean?

Not good news I'm afraid. The "C<" error code signifies that the SmartMove position controller has lost the internal program.

The most common cause of this problem is a failed back-up battery. Once power is disconnected from the machine, with the battery "dead", the program is lost.

Due to the age of these SmartMove boards, it is now almost impossible to re-install the program (the software is MS-DOS based). The only realistic option is often to scrap the machine.

Current EN safety regulations make any refurbishment not viable. Basically the entire electrical panel, control panel, servo drive system, PLC & safety circuits would need to be replaced with modern components. The cost would be excessive & probably exceed the cost of a new machine!

For technical support it is recommended that you contact the local distributor for the orginal manufacturer of the SmartMove controller; Baldor Optimised Controls (now part of the ABB Group):

We may have a copy of the orginal SM machine program that can be emailed to assist you.

For more information please contact our Tech Team via email at: