Do you still have wiring & electrical drawings available for the Vac-U-Torq cutter?

Yes, there are some limited electrcial diagrams for the Vac-U-Torq® cutters available to download using the links below.

We strongly recommended that you ask a qualified electrical engineer to check all the existing electrical circuits before doing any work on the machine.

These old wiring diagrams are generic & will probably not exactly match your machine, so please take care!

Any changes made to the wiring or electrcial circuits are at your own risk.

For more infomation please contact our Technical Team via email:

Downloads (PDF):

> Vac-U-Torq wiring diagram 1 (pre-1997).

> Vac-U-Torq wiring diagram 2 (pre-1997).

> Vac-U-Torq wiring diagram 3 (327 counter version).

> Kubler 426 length counter settings.