Can I get a replacement valve kit for the Rota-Step clutch/brake?

Yes, a replacement valve unit assembly is available as a spare part. However extreme care must be taken before fitting the new unit to the old clutch/brake.

Often the original valve assembly failed due to a short-circuit within the main SRB 3110 control board.

This same short-circuit will also damage any replacement valve kit fitted.

It is therefore important to check the following points before powering-up the machine with the new valve kit fitted.

Please refer to sections 5.0 & 6.0 of the attached Rota-Step® Service Manual (PDF) for more details:

  • Measure the coil resistance in each valve.
  • If either of the valve coils are open circuit:    Replace the valve kit only.
  • The resistance in each valve must not exceed 9.75 Ohms (RotaStep® 08 & 10) or 10.75 Ohms (RotaStep® 12 & 15).  Replacement of the valve kit only is required.
  • If the valve resistance measures 0 - 2 Ohms: Short circuit!  Replace both the valve kit & the SRB 3110 control board.

To be 100% clear on this. If a new valve kit is connected to a damaged or faulty SRB 3110 control board then the new valve kit will also be damaged. If so, this will invalidate the warranty on the new part.

Unfortunately the SRB 3110 control board is now out of production so spare parts availability is very difficult.

For more information please contact our Technical Team at:

Downloads (PDF):

> Rota-Step® Service Manual (PDF).

> Rota-Step® clutch datasheet (PDF).

> SRB 3110 control board (PDF).