Can you help me with the Red Lion G304 & G306A touch-screens fitted to my cutter?

The Red Lion colour touch-screens came in two sizes:

  • G304K - 4" panel was fitted to our free-standing Servo-Torq® rotary cutters.
  • G306A - 6" panel was fitted to the Servo-Torq® Mini Mk.1 & Servo-Torq® Combi machines Mk.3.

Both types of panels were controlled by Red Lion Crimson® software.

For more assistance please contact our Tech Team via email on:

Downloads (PDF):

> Red Lion G304K screen instructions.

> Red Lion G306A screen instructions.

> Adjusting the length calibration (RL 306A).

> Changing the screen instructions.

> Red Lion G3 range of touch-screens.

> Red Lion G304K Tech Sheet.

> Red Lion Crimson User manual.