Do you have any infomation on the 631 servo drive?

Yes, we have some 631 PDF documents available to download below.

The Eurotherm (later Parker SSD) 631 drive was used in our Servo-Torq® Mini Mk.1 cutter. It was also used as a servo drive for caterpillar infeeders & haul-offs.

Please note that the 631 servo drive in no longer manufactured & we have no stock left.

If the 631 fails the only options available are to try to have it repaired or to replace the 631 drive with a new servo motor/drive combination. Any upgrade to replace the 631 is unlikley to be economically viable but we can give you a cost estimate.

If you need to re-install the operating program into the 631 drive we may be able to help.

You will need the EasyRider drive control software installed on a MS-Windows laptop computer.

A copy of EasyRider should be on the CD that came with the machine; if not, please contact us.

You will also need a PC<>drive connection cable & the orginal machine software (Parameter file (WDD file type) & BIAS file (WBD file type)).

We aim to retain copies of all specific machine software. If you need a copy of this, please contact us with your serial number (XXXX).

If you need any more assistance please contact our Tech Team via email:

Downloads (PDF):

> 631 Product manual.

> How to upload software to a 631 drive.

> Programming & testing the 631.

> 631 Error codes.

> EasyRider BIAS Commands.