How do I set the guide bush blade gap on a direct drive Servo-Torq® rotary cutter?

It is very critical that the knife blade actually touches both the inlet & outlet cutter guide bush faces during the cut.

The guide bushes should be as tight as possible to the knife blade. The ideal is a gap between the bushes just sufficient to allow the blade to pass when turned by hand. You want to be able to hear a “whoosh” sound as you turn the blade.

Please see the photo to the right & the attached drawing (PDF download).


Always disconnect the power before attempting to set the cutter guide bush gap or rotate the knife blade by hand!

If the gap between the inlet & outlet guide bush is too wide, then material can be pushed down into the gap by the blade. This will seriously affect the cut quality. It will also probably cause a blockage or jam-up of material in the inlet guide bush.

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Downloads (PDF):

> Cutter guide bush set-up drawing.