Ex-demo coiler unit. Built 08/15. In very good condition.

Model 914 with hand-operated traverse & light box inspection panel

Bargin price as we need the room!

The machine is an ex-demo unit. It has the odd scratch, but otherwise is "as new" condition.

  • 1000 mm line height.
  • RAL 7035 light gray paint colour.
  • Right-to-left product feed direction.
  • 30 m/min maximum speed.
  • 240V 1-phase with earth & neutral electrical requirment.
  • Powered coiler head with foot pedal speed control.
  • Coil head size 600 mm outer diameter x 300 mm width.
  • Stainless steel coil head mandrels.
  • Hand operated coil traverse.
  • Back-lit light box product inspection panel approx. 300 mm long x 200 mm wide.
  • Manufactured August 2015.
  • Serial no. 7981.

This coiler would be fine for low-speed coiling of products such as silicone or medical tube.

The light box is ideal where you need to 100% inspect every millimetre of the tube or hose length.