Loop control devices for automatic extrusion speed control

Minimum stretch speed control for flexible extrusions

Our optical and sonar loop control units are designed to monitor the position of flexible extrusions between two points.

They are typically used to automatically control the speed of a motorised pay-off unit, or syncronize speeds between two belt puller belt units in-line.

The main advantage of using a loop control device is that it gives a controlled speed signal while ensuring the extrusion is not stretched.

This is often vital when handling more flexible materials such as silicone, rubber & certain flexible plastics.

The loop control usually gives a significant improvement to cut length control and accuracy.

The sensing range is controllable, with an analog 0-10V speed control output relative to the position of the extrusion in the loop.

Both the sonar and optical system are provided with robust floor-stands.

The units are finished with an IP67 protection and operate on a low voltage 24VDC supply.

Stainless steel finishes are available for medical or food industry applications.