Twin-Quad bin high speed batch collection conveyors

High speed collection from both sides of the conveyor belt

A Twin-Quad bin conveyor gives improved batch collection of cut lengths. By using both sides of the conveyor belt, space usage is maximised, an important fact in a medical clean-room.

Twin banks of high pressure air jets blow the cut lengths off the belt. The nozzle design spreads the air blast over the widest belt area, to ensure a smooth discharge of the tube into the collection bin. The nozzles are also adjustable in direction so they can be moved to handle different sizes & weights of extrusion.

Anti-static blowers can be added to blow de-ionised air into the collection bins in order to reduce static build-up.


Belt width (mm) Belt length (mm) Collection method
50 or 75 2500 or 3800

High velocity air jet