Coiling machines for smaller flexible extrusions

Twin coiler ‐ Vertical format – servo traverse:

Coiling speed is adjusted either by a low tension dancing arm control system or an ultra-sonic loop control device (option). Both are ideal for flexible & delicate products such as small diameter medical tubing.

The vertical format reduces the footprint of the machine. This makes it perfect for use where factory space is limited, such as in a medical clean-room.

Coil layering/traverse control:

Servo motor traverse control is provided for precise layering of the tube & high speed coiling.

A Lenze 178 mm (7") full colour touch-screen is standard, so all parameters can be easily adjusted and recalled from memory.

Model: Coil head: Maximum coil outer diameter (mm): Coil format: Traverse control method:



Twin 600 Vertical Servo