Coiling machines for small/medium flexible extrusions

Twin coiler ‐ Horizontal format – servo traverse

Coiling speed is adjusted by a low tension control system, ideal for delicate products such as medical tubing. Heavier products can be coiled with a dancer arm or a sonar loop control system.

Coil layering/traverse control:

Servo traverse control is provided for precise layering & higher speed coiling. A colour touch-screen is standard so all parameters can be easily controlled and recalled from memory.

A Lenze 178 mm (7") full colour touch-screen is standard, so all parameters can be easily adjusted and recalled from memory.

Model: Coil head: Maximum coil outer diameter (mm): Coil format: Traverse control method:
504/2H-S Twin  600 Horizontal Servo
504/2HD-S Twin 1000 Horizontal Servo