Travelling-head circular saws ‐ AC servo driven moving carriage

Ø 40 - 100 - 150 mm

These up‐stroke travelling-head circular saws provide at cost effective answer for cutting rigid plastic pipe & profile. The moving carriage is powered by an AC brushless servo motor.

The fully adjustable clamp system guarantees a square cut end, while the optional swarf extraction system keeps the cut end clean. An optional swivel cutter head is available to allow angled cuts ends to be achieved.

A range of tit tables are available to go after the saw to collect the cut lengths.

Model: Max. capacity round (mm): Max. capacity flat (mm): Saw blade diameter (mm): Saw carriage travel (mm): Saw motor size (kW):
602S 40 140 250 300 1.1
604S 100 260 300 600 2.2
606S 150 400 500 600 4.0