Servo-Torq® fly-knife rotary cutters

The Servo‐Torq® range of fly‐knife rotary cutters extend from table‐top versions to ultra-high performance machines. Cutting capacities range up to 300 mm outer diameter with six levels of cutting power.

Every Servo‐Torq® cutter uses the latest Lenze digital AC servo technology to control the flying knife rotary blade cutting action. The high speed slicing cut action ensures optimum cut quality. Advanced software control is used to ensure precise cut length control at the highest cut rates.

The high-level performance ensures that your cutting requirements & budget can be precisely matched at an affordable price.

Servo‐Torq® rotary cutters:

  • Widest range of cutting capacities & motor powers.
  • Blade lubrication as standard for an improved cut quality.
  • Siemens colour touch screens: 109 mm (4.3”), 178 mm (7”) or 228 mm (9").
  • Multi-axis digital AC servo drive technology from Lenze.
  • Automatic stepless cutting from 1 to 2,000 cuts/minute.
  • Remote support with integrated internet VPN router and ProfiNet options.