Servo-Torq® Mini Slider Plus combination rotary cutters

Ø 30 mm

The in-line version of our compact Servo-Torq® Mini rotary cutter.

By adding a slide-away cutter head & floor-standing base, we have made this machine perfect of lighter duty in-line cutting applications.

The slide-away head makes it much easier to thread the machine in-line when you have a constant flow of extrusion passing through the caterpillar belts. The slider option also makes accessing the knife blade & cutter bushes an easy job.

The floor-standing base can be made to match the required line-height & line direction. An optional storage cupboard can be fitted into the base of the cutter.

Despite the small foot-print, this machine can perform. It is particularly recommended for lower speed medical applications. The cutter head is available with a clear anodized finish & the the paintwork can be to medical clean-room standards. A full stainless steel option is available as required.

The infeeder belts are driven by a twin direct-drive motors via planetary motors. This gives optimum speed holding accuracy & performance.

A full colour 7" (178 mm) Siemens TP700 Comfort touch-screen panel is supplied as standard, as is blade lubrication.

The servo drive control system is a Lenze i700 multi-axis unit.

Servo-Torq® rotary cutter - Mini-Slider combination unit:

Model: Maximum capacity (mm): Servo motor size (Nm): Servo drive rating (A): Peak Torque (Nm): Equivalent motor power (kW):
ST-M-SB/30A – In-line
Slider cutter head:
30 Ø 4.5 5.0 23.0 2.4
Accra-Feed™ UA50
Twin belt infeeder:
50 wide x 250 long 2 x 1.5 5.0 9.2 1.6