Servo-Torq® Mini Combination rotary cutters

Ø 30 mm

Our compact Servo-Torq® Mini rotary cutter is aimed at lighter duty cutting applications. Despite the small foot-print, this machine can perform.

Available as a table-top unit for off-line use or as an in-line version complete with a floor-standing base & slide-away cutter head. The machine can also be supplied as part of a complete off‐line cutting cell with sonar loop & pay‐off system.

As of early 2020 the Servo-Torq® Mini has been fully updated to make the machine even more versatile.


Servo-Torq® Mini rotary cutter - Mini Combination unit:

Model: Maximum capacity (mm): Servo motor size (Nm): Servo drive rating (A): Peak Torque (Nm): Equivalent motor power (kW):
ST-M/30A – Off-line
Fixed cutter head:
30 Ø 4.5 7.0 23.0 2.4
Accra-Feed™ 2000AS
Twin belt infeeder:
50 wide x 250 long 1.5 3.0 4.6 0.8