Servo-Torq® Medi Combination rotary cutters

Ø 30 mm

Precision engineered for cutting medical tubing. A clean-room finish is standard. Very high linespeeds are combined with an ultra-precise cut, ideal for high accuracy applications.

The integral Accra‐Feed™ caterpillar puller belts have been specially designed to ensure optimum feeding of even the smallest tube into the cutting area. Twin direct AC servo motors are used to power the belts. The planetary gearboxes give a zero backlash drive. A slide-away cutter head is standard.

Blade lubrication is also standard. The cutter head is manufactured from clear anodized aluminium. This is resisilant to medical grade blade lubricants, such as Isopropyl Alcohol. A stainless steel cutter head & stainless steel fabrications are available as an option.

Other options available include bubble, taper, bump & cuffed tube functions. PTFE lined air-feed Venturi cutter guide bushes are offered for ultra-small OD tubing.

Servo-Torq® rotary cutter - Medi Combination unit:

Model: Maximum capacity (mm): Servo motor size (Nm): Servo drive rating (A): Peak Torque (Nm): Equivalent motor power (kW):
with Slide-away cutter head:
30 Ø 3.8 5.0 14.8 2.0
Accra-Feed™ UA50
Twin belt infeeder:
50 wide x 250 long Twin 1.5 Twin 3.0 9.2 1.6