Servo-Torq® Large capacity free-standing rotary cutters

Ø 150 - 200 - 250 – 300 mm

A stand‐alone rotary cutter with maximum capacities from 150 mm to 300 mm outer diameter.

Designed for use with an existing caterpillar haul-off/puller machine.

These large capacity cutters are for handling large foam extrusions, thin wall plastic pipes and other over-size products.

All machines come with a Siemens 4.3" wide-screen colour touch-screen control panel.

Also supplied is an encoder length control system, including a measuring wheel designed to run on the caterpillar belt or directly on the product.

Pre-heater systems can be added to the cutter when handling rigid plastic extrusions.

Cutter power ranges for heavy‐duty to super‐heavy‐duty. Torque enhancer gearboxes are available to increase the cutting power to over 260 Nm (equivalent to 46 kW).