Servo-Torq® Cuffed tube rotary cutters

Ø 25 – 50 mm

Designed for cuffed tube applications such as complex automotive fuel & washer pipes, medical respirator tubing and concertina plumbing pipe. 

Three types of technology are available to detect the cuff: digital camera, optical sensor & laser.

All of them constantly monitor the tube as it passes by at normal extrusion speed. The specially developed software handles the data to ensure accurate cutting on the middle of the cuff. A number of different cut lengths can be handled per corrugation chain, along with several scrap lengths.

In most cases there is no need to stop the tube to cut, allowing higher linespeeds to be achieved. However, when we do need to stop, our clamp system provides a quick & flexible method of holding the tube still while the cut takes place.

All our Servo-Torq® cuff cutters are built to the highest specification. Lenze multi-axis digital servo control is standard as is remote support via the internet. The caterpillar infeeders are UA (Ultra-Accurate™) type, with twin direct drive servo motors for improved infeed accuracy.

Servo-Torq® rotary cutters - Cuffed tube cutting systems:

Model Maximum capacity (mm) Servo motor size (Nm) Servo drive rating (A) Peak Torque (Nm) Equivalent motor power (kW)
ST-LT rotary cutter
Slide-away cutter head
25, 50Ø 8.0 18.0 22.0 9.7
Accra-Feed™ UA75 Twin belt infeeder 75 wide x 550 long belts 2 x 2.3 (3.8) 2 x 3.0 13.8 3.0
Accra-Feed™ UA95XL Twin belt infeeder 95 wide x 1000 long belts 2 x 2.3 (3.8) 2 x 3.0 (7.0) 13.8 (26.0) 3.0 (6.0)