Optical sensor cuff detection

High intensity LED sensing of tubes up to 50 mm outer diameter.

Our optical sensor system is an excellent choice for cuff detection, particularly for larger diameter tubes such as complex automotive fuel pipes. It also handles higher linespeed applications well.

The digital micrometer uses high intensity green LED light over a 65 mm sensing range. This allows tube & pipe of up to 50 mm outer diameter to be used with this system.

An extremely compact camera is built into the receiver end of the micrometer. This captures an image of the target at a rate of 2400 samples per second with a ± 3 µm measurement accuracy.  This data is then processed by the high-performance controller to ensure the knife blade hits the correct target point on the cuffed tube.

The meauring head is rated to IP64. An air purge unit is fitted in front of the head. This feeds a flow of air across the head to prevent dirt or dust accumuling on the sensor.

The optical sensor is a versatile system. The unit can be easily adjusted by a reasonably competent engineer. No specialist training is required.