Off-line automatic scrap detection with ink-jet printing

Automatic rejection of scrap product with ink-jet marking

Off-line flaw detection can remove all chance of "good" tube or hose being mixed with scrap product.

The cutter unit is configured to automatically cut-out scrap as soon as it receives a signal from the appropriate scrap detector.

The scrap signal can be caused for a variety of reasons:

  • Outer diameter: the diameter is over or under specification.
  • Ovality: the tube or hose is not round.
  • Surface finish: there are flaws in the surface.

Various ultra-sonic, laser or digital camera based systems can produce the necessary scrap signal. These devices can be integrated into the off-line cutting cell.

The normal response on receipt of a scrap signal is to start cutting a distinct "scrap" cut length. This ensures good & scrap lengths aren't mixed-up. A flashing beacon & audible alarm warns the operator that scrap is being produced.

A cut-piece collection system can be located after the cutter to fully automate the separation of good product from scrap.

An ink-jet printer can also be fitted into the off-line cell to mark the product as required.