Motorised drum de-coilers

Pay-offs for metal, wooden or plastic drums

Our motorised drum de-coilers provide an efficient method for unwinding material stored on a drum. The machines can be used off -line to provide product to a cutter. Or they can be used in-line to feed material through a cross-head die, for example.

The drum is driven on the rim via rollers powered by the integral Lenze AC motor drive. The speed of the de-coiling is controlled either by a built-in tension control device or a freestanding sonar loop control unit.

A manual speed override is provided for basic unsyncronised speed de-coiling. 0-10V or 4-20 mA analog reference signals are also available. 

A variety of drums can be used on the de-coilers, including metal, wood & plastic. In the case of heavier drums a powered hoist or similar may be required to assist loading.

An optional 101 mm (4") full colour touch-screen panel is available. This allows full control over all de-coiler setting & operations.

The motorised drum de-coiler is available in two versions:

Model V-5-M: Mobile machine.
Model V-6-RO: Roll-on/roll-off machine.