Laser sensor bubble-bump tube detection

High accuracy thru-beam laser sensing for bubble & bump tubing of up to 25 mm outer diameter.

Multi-wavelength laser detection is the cost effective way to sense medical grade bubble-bump tubing in-line. It can be used in conjunction with our bubble/bump/taper tube software upgrade to create the ideal cutting system for the medical extruder.

The option is usually fitted to our Servo-Torq® Medi rotary cutter. The thru-beam laser sensor is fitted to the inlet side of the cutter head. As the tube moves forward from the caterpillar infeeder it passes through the sensing beam. The sensing is repeatable to 5 µm.

The control panel has a dual level display showing the target tube outer diameter & the actual measured tube outer diameter. The output signal, on reaching the required diameter target, is sent via the cutter control PLC to activate the cut at the required location (normally in the middle of either the highest or lowest part of the bubble diameter).

The laser sensor transmitter & receiver are both protected to IP67 level.