Hot air heating tunnels

For warming semi-rigid & rigid plastics before cutting.

Our hot-air system uses a Leister blower to direct warm air into a suitable tunnel. The tunnel can be located either before the caterpillar haul-off unit or at the entry to a free-standing Servo-Torq® rotary cutter. To save space it is normally built into the existing inlet safety guard tunnel.

The Leister Hotwind system produces up to 3.7 kW of heat. A temperature probe is built into the heater for precise heating control. A LED display also shows the temperature within the tunnel.

Heat is evenly distributed within the tunnel by a 400 mm long stainless steel reflector. The tunnel upper access door is interlocked for safety.

These hot air tunnels are ideal for where you want to slightly warm the plastic extrusion before cutting. This can significantly improve the cut finish & cleanness of cut when handling semi-rigid & rigid tubes, pipes & profiles. Most types of rigid & semi-rigid plastic polymer are suitable, including Nylon (PA), PP, PC, PE, ABS & rigid PVC.