H-1 Infra-red heating tunnels

Heating rigid plastics can significantly improve the cut finish.

Our infra-red warming tunnels are normally attached to the inlet end of one of our free-standing Servo-Torq® rotary cutters.

These tunnels are ideal for where you want to warm the plastic extrusion before cutting. This can significantly improve the cut finish & cleanness of cut when handling semi-rigid & rigid tubes, pipes & profiles.

Most types of rigid plastic polymer are suitable, including rigid PVC & ABS.

The IR tunnel can be detached from the cutter when necessary. It is also available as a free-standing unit if required.

Four 1000W infra-red panels are provided; two above & two below the extrusion centre-line. Two levels of heat output are available: 2 kW or 4 kW. Fans evenly distribute the heat within the tunnel

A thermocouple is built into the heater for precise control. A temperature controller with LED display allows a precise pre-set temperature to be maintained.

The maximum heating level inside the tunnel is around 450ºC. A more usual temperature is nearer 200ºC; just enough to warm the plastic as it passes through the tunnel at linespeed.

The heater tunnel upper access door is interlocked for safety.