Cutting systems for extruded dog chews & dental sticks

For cutting multiple lanes of extruded product at high speed.

We have a range of Servo-Torq® rotary cutters for extruded dog chews.

These machines can be supplied with cutting capacities up to 150 mm wide. This allows one machine to handle multiple ropes (subject to product size).

When larger sized multi-ropes are being produced we can supply a double cutter.

All machines are finished in stainless steel & built to the highest food-quality hygiene standards.

Whilst most dog chew extrusions are pulled straight, sometimes a twist is needed. That's where our Twister belt comes in. Both top & bottom belts are adjustable through 90º to create the required spiral.

To finish the range of specialist dog chew equipment we can offer a moving-head needle punch & former unit. This machine is designed to pierce the surface of the dog chew in order to release steam from within the extrusion.

Powered forming wheels are also available to shape the extrusion.