Cutting systems for extruded croutons, bread-sticks & Crostini

High-speed cutting in-line after the extruder.

Our Servo-Torq® cutting systems can be configured to cut extruded croutons & bread-sticks in-line after the extruder.

The typical production configuration would consist of a twin-screw food extruder, conveyor cooling tunnel, our puller/cutting machine, an exit conveyor, a tumbler drier & finally, an in-line fryer/flavouring unit.

Twin ropes of crouton can be cut simultaneously. With an extrusion speed of 20 m/min & a cut length of 8.0 mm, a cut rate of 5,000 pieces per minute is obtainable. A twin knife blade is supplied to maintain this level of cut rate. Chilled air cooling is available to keep the blade temperature at a constant level.

All equipment supplied is engineered to the highest hygiene standard suitable for a food application.