Coiling machines & Pay-off systems

Single or twin head coilers ‐ Single & multiple head pay-offs

Coiling machines:

Our range of low tension semi-automatic coilers are designed for smaller flexible tube & profile, where a more delicate coil is required.

We have single & twin head machines is a range of formats & styles:

  • Single-head – servo & mechanical traverse.
  • Twin-head – vertical & horizontal format – servo & mechanical traverse.

Pay-offs & de-coilers:

An extensive selection of single & multiple head de-coilers for use with our Servo-Torq® rotary cutters & Braid-Cut™ circular blade cutters:

  • Table top de-coilers for small tubing.
  • Horizontal turntable de-coilers for tube & hose.
  • Braked pay-offs for tube & hose.
  • Motorised drum de-coilers.
  • Multiple-head de-coilers for up to eight drums.

Coil head options

A range of reels, drums or collapsible core mandrels are available to suit a variety of extruded products & coiling requirements.

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