Coil head options

Reels, drums & collapsible mandrels

A range of reels, spools, drums or collapsible core mandrels are available to suit a variety of extruded products & coiling requirements.

The collapsible mandrel is designed to produce tied or loose coils. It is suitable for products where an unsupported or core-less package is required.

Features include:

  • Three folding arms.
  • Three tie positions.
  • Collapsible core.
  • Standard width 300 mm.
  • Adjustable width available as an option.
  • Fixed core diameter (diameters available: 200 mm & 400 mm). Adjustable available as an option.
  • Easily interchangeable with standard coil heads.
  • Standard outer diameters: 600 mm & 750 mm.



Plastics Extrusion