Braid‐Cut™ HD ‐ cut stainless steel braided PTFE & rubber hose cleanly

Ø 40 - 50 mm maximum

The Braid-Cut™ HD is the heavy-duty version of our standard Braid-Cut™ MT. It is designed for larger outer diameter hose up to 50 mm OD maximum.

This advanced machine cuts through stainless braided hose cleanly, using an integral welding head to fuse the wire ends together. Elkonite® Tungsten Copper alloy electrode jaws clamp the hose while the toothless circular blade cuts through.

The PTFE or rubber inner hose is left with a perfect cut finish. There is no wire flare or loose ends to worry about. Ferrules or clamping caps can be easily pushed onto the cut ends, with no snagging.

The Braid‐Cut™ HD is fully PLC controlled, with an advance program to ensure total synchronisation between the welding & cutting.

A range of Braid-Cut™ HD cutters are available, with maximum OD capacity sizes of  40 mm & 50 mm.

Motorised pay-off systems are available to ensure efficient off-line cutting from coils. We can also integrate ink-jet printers for marking the cut pieces.