Angled cutting-head options

Produce angled cut ends in-line

A system for producing angled cut ends in-line with flexible & semi-rigid extruded plastic tubes.

The optional angled blade holder fits onto any of our standard Servo-Torq® rotary cutter heads.

Angled cut ends such as 45º/90º, 45º/45º & 60º/90º can be achieved on tubes of up to 20 mm outer diameter.

The main benefits to the user are:

  • Cut angled cut ends in-line at normal extrusion speeds.
  • Avoid secondary off-line angle cutting operations.
  • Provides improved machine versatility & production flexibility.
  • Easy to change from normal 90º/90º cutting to angled cutting.

The three angle cutting systems are described in the attached datasheet.

For cutting angled ends with rigid & semi-rigid plastic profiles please refer to our angled-head travelling saw machine.