A-3 Atomiser spray blade lubrication system

Blows a fine mist of liquid onto the knife blade.

The atomiser spray option uses compressed air to blow a fine mist of liquid onto the cutter knife blade & product guide bushes.

Using the Venturi effect, the air sucks up the liquid from a reservoir & converts it into fine spray of droplets. These are them sprayed onto the blade in order to improve the cut quality when handling stickier extruded materials.

The lubricant is usually water or Glycol. A stainless steel reservoir is provided to hold the liquid. Due to the very efficient operation of the atomiser, only a relatively small amount of liquid is needed.

The spray nozzles are fitted to the end of stay-put pipes. The nozzles usually direct the liquid onto the knife blade when it is located in the park position.

Extra nozzles can be added to spray the lubricant onto the cutter product guide bushes & the encoder wheel. This helps reduce product pick-up on the wheel.

The atomiser spray option is recommended for stickier extrusions such as toilet rim block & some food extrusions.