Servo-Torq® fly-knife rotary cutters

The Servo‐Torq® range of fly‐knife rotary cutters extend from table‐top versions to ultra-high performance machines. Cutting capacities range up to 300 mm outer diameter with six levels of cutting power.

Every Servo‐Torq® cutter uses the latest digital AC servo technology to control the flying knife rotary blade cutting action. The high speed slicing cut action ensures optimum cut quality. Advanced software control is used to ensure precise cut length control at the highest cut rates.

The high-level performance ensures that your cutting requirements & budget can be precisely matched at an affordable price.

Servo‐Torq® rotary cutters:

  • Widest range of cutting capacities & motor powers.
  • Blade lubrication as standard for an improved cut quality.
  • Siemens colour touch screens – 109 mm (4.3”), 178 mm (7”) or 228 mm (9").
  • Multi-axis digital AC servo drive technology from Lenze.
  • Automatic step-less cutting from 1 to 2,000 cuts/minute.
  • Remote support with integrated internet VPN router and ProfiNet options.

Caterpillar options & accessories

A range of optional items & accessories to optimize your Gillard machine. These can enhance the standard machine to improve performance & give access to a range of special features.

Cutter options and accessories

A range of optional items & accessories to optimize your Gillard machine. These can enhance the standard machine to improve performance & give access to a range of special features.

Coiling machines & Pay-off systems

Single or twin head coilers ‐ Single & multiple head pay-offs

Coiling machines:

Our range of low tension semi-automatic coilers are designed for smaller flexible tube & profile, where a more delicate coil is required.

We have single & twin head machines is a range of formats & styles:

  • Single-head – servo & mechanical traverse.
  • Twin-head – vertical & horizontal format – servo & mechanical traverse.

Pay-offs & de-coilers:

An extensive selection of single & multiple head de-coilers for use with our Servo-Torq® rotary cutters & Braid-Cut™ circular blade cutters:

  • Table top de-coilers for small tubing.
  • Horizontal turntable de-coilers for tube & hose.
  • Braked pay-offs for tube & hose.
  • Motorised drum de-coilers.
  • Multiple-head de-coilers for up to eight drums.

Coil head options

A range of reels, drums or collapsible core mandrels are available to suit a variety of extruded products & coiling requirements.

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Downstream equipment of food extrusion

Special cutters & puller units designed for extruded food products such as toasted bread, croutons, bread sticks & dog chews.

All machines are finished to the highest hygiene standards, with FDA approved materials being used where appropriate.

Conveyor collection systems

A conveyor belt positioned after the cutter will automate cut piece collection. It gives improved cut length accuracy & cut quality by supporting the extrusion as it exits the cutter.

This can also enhance quality by automatically separating scrap cut lengths from good product.

The most popular type of collection system is the high pressure air jet option, where cut lengths are blown off the side of the belt.

The air nozzle design spreads the air blast over the widest belt area, to ensure a smooth discharge of the cut length into the collection bin.

Mechanical plough & push-off arms are also available. Multiple bin collection systems can be configured, with separate zones for scrap lengths.

Cutting systems for cuffed & bubble tube

Special sensing systems for cuffed, corrugated, bubble & taper tubing.

These systems can be fitted to our range of Servo-Torq® fly-knife rotary cutters.

A variety of sensing systems can be provided:

  • Digital camera.
  • Optical sensor.
  • Laser.
  • Photo-electric.

Circular blade cutters & saws

To accompany our range of rotary fly-knife rotary cutters, we also have an extensive selection of circular blade cutting systems for tougher extruded products.

  • Travelling saws for rigid plastic pipe & profile.
  • Metal-Cut™ circular blade cutters for metal reinforced profiles.
  • Braid-Cut™ circular blade cutters for stainless steel braided tube & hose.

Caterpillar belt haul-off/pullers

Belt lengths from 250 mm to 1800 mm.

A range of tough twin-belt caterpillar haul-off/puller units designed to handle the vast majority of extrusion pulling & feeding requirements.

All our caterpillar machines feature direct-drive AC servo motors; one motor/drive per belt, for improved pulling power via sealed-for-life gearboxes.

They also come with a colour touch-screen operator panel as standard.

UA Servo – For high linespeeds & the tightest extrusion tolerances:

  • Digital AC servo drive technology from Lenze.
  • Twin direct-drive brushless AC servo motors with zero backlash planetary gearboxes.
  • Dual digital servo drives for the ultimate in belt speed synchronisation & control.
  • Precise belt speed adjustment via 109 mm (4.3") colour touch-screen control panel.
  • Display of belt speed in m/min.
  • Display of measured length in 0.1 metre inrements.

Servo-Torq® HD & XHD Combination rotary cutters

Ø 40 - 50 - 100 - 150 mm

Our heavy‐duty rotary cutters with integral Accra‐Feed™ caterpillar infeeder/puller.

The cutter motors can be rated up to 17 Nm (15 kW). The integrated puller/infeeder is available with belt lengths of 600 mm, 800 mm or 1000 mm.

These heavier‐duty units are capable of cutting tough extruded products such as rigid plastic pipe & profile and Kevlar® reinforced rubber hose.

All machines include the latest Lenze i700 multi-axis servo control system & Siemens TP700 Comfort colour touch-screen (178 mm / 7" diagonal). The caterpillar infeeders feature UA (Ultra-Accurate™) twin direct drive servo motors (via zero-backlash planetary gearboxes) for improved infeed accuracy.

Servo-Torq® rotary cutters - HD & XHD Combination units:

capacity (mm):
Servo motor
size (Nm):
Servo drive
rating (A):
motor power
Rotary cutters:          
ST-HD: 40, 50, 100, 150 Ø 14.0 16.5 51.1 11
ST-XHD: 40, 50, 100, 150 Ø 17.0 23.5 71.6 15
Caterpillar infeeders:          
Accra-Feed™ UA95: 95 x 600/800/1000 2 x 2.3 2 x 3.0 6.9 2.4
Accra-Feed™ UA150 150 x 600/800/1000 2 x 2.3 2 x 3.0 6.9 2.4



Plastics Extrusion, Flexible tube, hose & profile, PE foam pipe & profile, Rubber Extrusion, Cured & uncured rubber profiles, Reinforced rubber hose, Silicone rubber tube, hose, cord & profile, Cellular foam & sponge rubber extrusions