Toilet rim blocks & soap bars

Toilet rim blocks & soap bars

Toilet block extrusions are often cut straight after the plodder (soap extruder).

The usual configuration is to use a free-standing Servo-Torq® rotary cutter, with the encoder wheel located between the plodder die & the inlet cutter guide bush.

The encoder wheel acts as a support to the extrusion as it moves forward, with the wheel running under the product as it feeds forward. To ensure the encoder wheel is kept clean, bath of liquid is provided. This is normally Glycol or similar, which washes the encoder wheel as it rotates.

The cutter area is also specially configured for cutting toilet block. A special blade lubrication system uses an atomizer spray to blow a fine mist of liquid onto the knife blade. A sealing system is added to the cutter lid to ensure that none of the liquid can leak into the cutter motor enclosure.

Toilet gel is usually extruded in-between two layers of release paper. An in-feeder conveyor is used to direct the product into the cutter, while an exit conveyor removes the finished cut lengths.

A curved blade is typically used to provide the optimum cutting finish. Standard stainless steel guide bushes are provided.

All machines can be engineered with stainless fabrications for a rust-free, easy-clean, finish.

Toilet rim blocks & soap bars