Toasted flat breads

Toasted flat breads

Usually extruded as multiple strands (up to six), this product can be cut in-line straight after the toasting oven.

Sets of powered stainless steel knurled rollers, one per strand, pull the toasted bread "ropes" through the oven & feed them into the cutting machine.

Due to the close proximity of the exit of the oven, heat carry-over can be considerable. For this reason all surfaces on the inlet end of the cutting machine are specially selected for their suitability and left unpainted.

The cutting method used is our standard Servo-Torq® flying knife rotary cutter system. The cutter head is enclosed to minimize dust ingress into the cutting area.

Additional dust extraction points are provided under all cutting heads & in-feeder rollers. These can be connected to a central dust extraction system.

The cut pieces are free to exit onto a feed conveyor for in-line packing by a flow-wrapper system.

All equipment supplied is engineered to the highest hygiene standard suitable for a food application.

Toasted flat breads