Our Company History 1968 - 2021

Extrusion cutting experts since 1968

Our company history started in 1968 when Gillard & Co. was founded in Maidenhead (England).

Right from the start we concentrated on designing & manufacturing extrusion downstream equipment, including guillotine cutters and pullers.

The Company was incorporated in England as Peter Gillard & Co. Limited in 1971.






Colour photography arrives!

The 'Seventies saw a period of rapid growth with the development of many new machines such as larger guillotines, rotary cutters, heavy-duty caterpillar haul-offs, cooling systems and coiling machines. We even started making plastic extruders!








After 12 years in business the machine range had settled down. The core production was caterpillar haul-offs & cutting systems.










The first Vac-U-Torq® rotary cutter was sold. This range of vacuum clutch/brake machines was highly successful and gave a massive boost to Gillard. Their turnover had expanded by almost 400% by the end of the 1980s.

By 1989 the orginal Maidenhead factory was too small, so Gillard looked for larger premises.







Gillard moved to their current home, a larger, modern factory in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire (England).

The product range expands to both vacuum (Vac-U-Torq) & pneumatic (Neuma-Torq) clutch/brake rotary cutters.






The first Servo-Torq® clutch-less servo rotary rotary cutter is built. The Mk. 1 version is pictured to the left.






Gillard extruded food cutter


The first cutters for extruded food products are sold.

The first years of the new Millennium saw Gillard expand their range of Servo-Torq® cutters into new markets.






Gillard diversifies into specialist Servo-Torq® extrusion cutters for cuffed & corrugated plastic tubing.

Despite the impact of the world-wide economic slump in 2008 - 2010, Gillard sales expand to record levels, with a high proportion going outside the EU.






We expanded our range of machines to include pre-heating systems, servo coilers & saws.








Our 50th Anniversary year!

The move into cutting extruded food products continues, with the development of multi-lane food cutting systems & related equipment for major multinational food processing companies worldwide.

Products as diverse as croutons, plastic tube, silicone hose, mastic adhesive, dog chews & many more are now cut with Gillard machines around the world.




Our updated Braid-Cut™ circular blade cutter is launched in two new versions; MT and HD.

These machines are designed cut PTFE hose covered with braided stainless steel wire.

We enter 2020 with little idea of what is about to hit us ...






The world is hit by COVID but we continue to innovate with new machines such as our Spiral-Cut™ cutting machine for spiral cut plastic tubing.

Due to increased demand from our medical and food customers we keep our factory running at full capacity throughout the year.







The COVID immunisation program brings a return to some sort of normality in 2021. 

New product updates continue with the New Generation of our Servo-Torq® cutters for extruded dog chews and dental sticks.