Medium-heavy duty caterpillar haul-off/pulling machines

Belt lengths 600 mm - 800 mm - 1000 mm

The work-horse machines in our range. They are designed for the majority of pulling requirements. They can handle a wide range of general-purpose extrusion hauling needs. This includes flexible, semi-rigid & rigid hose, pipe & profile.

The puller belts are driven directly by twin Lenze motors through sealed-for-life gearboxes. Two Lenze drives are used; one for each motor. These are perfectly synchronised for optimum belt speed control.

Two ranges of machine are available:

Accra-Pull™ VS General Purpose:

  • Twin direct-drive Lenze AC motors with forced ventilation.
  • Twin Lenze high efficiency bevel boom gearboxes.
  • Twin Lenze high-level AC drives.
  • Analog speed control via 10-turn potentiometer adjustment.

Accra-Pull™ UA High Performance:

  • Twin direct-drive Lenze brushless AC servo motors.
  • Twin Neugart zero-backlash planetary boom gearboxes.
  • Twin Lenze top-level digital AC servo drives.
  • Digital speed control via Lenze colour touch-screen panel (109 mm : 4.3").
  • Display of caterpillar belt speed in m/min.

All machines feature twin poly-vee belts available in a range of hard-wearing coverings.

Medium-heavy duty Caterpillar haul-off/puller range:

Model: Belt width (mm): Belt lengths (mm): Twin motor sizes - AC: Twin direct drive gearbox type:
AC Vector drives:        
VS95 95 600, 800, 1000 2 x 0.55 (0.75) kW Bevel
VS150 150 600, 800, 1000 2 x 0.55 (0.75) kW Bevel
AC Servo drives:        
UA-P95 95 600, 800, 1000 2 x 2.3 (3.8) Nm Planetary
UA-P150 150 600, 800, 1000 2 x 2.3 (3.8) Nm Planetary