Caterpillar belt haul-off/pullers

Belt lengths from 250 mm to 1800 mm.

A range of tough twin-belt caterpillar haul-off/puller units designed to handle the vast majority of extrusion pulling & feeding requirements.

All our caterpillar machines now feature direct-drive AC motors; one motor/drive per belt, for improved pulling power via sealed-for-life gearboxes.

Both the Accra-Pull™ (free-standing units) & Accra-Feed™ (combined with a cutting machine) are available in two performance levels, Vector Standard (VS) & Ultra-Accurate™ (UA) Servo:

VS Standard – The choice for general-purpose pulling:

  • Digital AC drive technology from Lenze for near-servo performance.
  • Twin direct-drive Lenze AC motors with high efficiency bevel gearboxes.
  • Dual Lenze AC drives for perfect belt speed synchronisation.
  • Analog 10-turn potentiometer belt speed control (digital control available).

UA Servo Plus – For high linespeeds & the tightest extrusion tolerances:

  • Digital AC servo drive technology from Lenze or Siemens
  • Twin direct-drive brushless AC servo motors with zero backlash planetary gearboxes.
  • Dual digital servo drives for the ultimate in belt speed synchronisation & control.
  • Ultra-precise digital belt speed adjustment via 109 mm (4.3") colour touch-screen control panel.
  • Display of belt speed in m/min.